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Youth Educate Dangers of Vaping
A PSA Video Series Release Party


For a long time, the creators of electronic cigarettes have touted the benefits of their product; they have stated that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Two Rivers ALMAS has been on the forefront of educating City Councils and Legislators on how vaping has become an epidemic among youth and the political leaders have stepped up and supported ALMAS’ message with ordinances and laws. However, we have seen little change in the amount of vaping that continues to occur by youth and young adults. Now, data is coming out as to the real health dangers that are being produced by these vape devices. ALMAS has created a three-part short Video Series to educate the whole community but specifically youth about specific dangers caused by vaping. This event, hosted by ALMAS, TFA and Asian Media Access, will be held at Two Rivers High School, 1897 Delaware Ave., Mendota Heights, MN 55118, on January 2, 2023 at 5:30 p.m. Participants will hear about the accomplishments already achieved through ALMAS’ work, meet the creators and people behind the project, and then view the videos created. ALMAS hopes that participants will help find a pathway for dissemination of these videos and or other future versions of them. 

This event is based upon work supported by Tobacco-Free Alliance and funded by a Minnesota Department of Health Tobacco-Free Communities grant. Asian Media Access is also a partner on this project.


Anti-Vape Video #1

Anti-Vape Video #2

Anti-Vape Video #3

ALMAS (Anglos Latinos Motivados A Superarse) (Anglos Latinos Motivated to Succeed) is based on the Master’s Thesis of Robert Hanson and was created in 2001. Its primary goals are: 

(1) Improve the graduation rate,
(2) Erase negative stereotypes of Latino youth, and
(3) Increase post-secondary participation.

ALMAS has received state, national and international recognition for its work and achievements in reaching those goals. Most members of ALMAS are Latinos because we base everything we do in the Latino community, but all are welcome.


ALMAS meets Mondays (3:15-5:15 PM) and Tuesdays/Thursdays (3:15-4:15 PM) in Room A334 during the entire school year. Stop by or contact us to learn more!


For additional information, contact Robert Hanson,, 651-403-3128.