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Digital Well-Being Club

Purpose Statement

The Digital Wellbeing Peer Education and Leaders group believes that every student deserves to have knowledge and skills to navigate the 24/7 digital media world in which we live.  By providing this educational opportunity to students through a safe space - an inclusive and an accepting community - we believe we will be better equipped to meet the challenges posed by overuse  and misuse of digital media.  The main goal is to move towards a more balanced and intentional use of digital media so we gain the skills to thrive in the digital age now and later.  The group is grounded in peer education; which is members teaching or sharing Digital Wellbeing information, values and behaviors with our fellow students.

Meeting Schedule

The club meets every Friday from 7:45am to 8:15am in A212- Mr. Myers' classroom.

Club Leadership

Makda Mekonen - Club Co-President

Eleanor Moga - Club Co-President

Tom Myers - Staff Advisor