"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect." -- Vince Lombardi

Two Rivers Girls Golf will practice Monday through Friday every day we do not have a match or tournament. Practices are held at the Lost Spur Golf Club in Eagan. Practice starts at 3:30 at the putting green unless otherwise noted.

There will be two types of practices. 

A practice round means that the team or parts of the team will have a tee time and will be playing on the golf course. This could mean we play all nine holes or less. There will always be a specific practice goal for each round such as club selection off the tee. Start times will be determined by tee time availabilities earliest being 3:30. Practice rounds generally last around two hours.  

A range practice means that we will spend time on the driving range and putting/chipping green. We will always have a purpose to our practice. Practice without purpose is pointless. As much as possible we will endeavor to create games/competitions to push ourselves to compete and improve. Generally we will spend around 30 mins on the range and around 30 mins on the putting and chipping green.  

Any questions about practice times and dates can be seen on the Varsity/JV Calendar. 

Summer Practice:

To be a successful golfer you must play as much as possible in the summer. Whether that is purposeful practice at the range or putting/chipping green, practice rounds, or tournaments. We must play in the summer! Golfers who aspire to compete at the varsity level should aim to play/practice four to five days a week.