All golfers will be expected to fundraise to help defer the costs incurred by our golf program. All money raised by golfers will go towards the golf program. In the past we have used fundraising money to pay for assistant coaches, buy apparel, and pay for practice rounds. 

Fundraising Methods:

This year we will again be working with Vertical Raise to fundraise. Last year we were incredibly successful. The Boys & Girls golf teams raised $16,000 dollars!

 This method eliminates the need to sell cards and simply asks the athletes to seek out adults in their lives who might be interested in donating to support the golf program. We will be launching a three week fundraising campaign this spring and expect it will be very successful. 

Fundraising Kickoff meeting will be held this spring at a time & location that is TBD. Bring your 20 emails and a photo you can upload to you fundraising webpage.