Preseason Golf Meeting

Varsity:  Tony Kienitz,
JV: Matt Huron,

- Register online through EduTrak
- Physical must be up to date for you to practice

Golf season
- Season starts on Monday, March 18th
- Spring break practice is optional
- First varsity match is Monday, April 15 at Inverwood (14 matches)
- First JV match Tuesday, April 9th at Inverwood (13 matches)

Varsity:  6 players
JV: 6-10 players
Practice Squad: Players not on JV or Varsity

Golf equipment
- School bags AND carts will be provided for Varsity and JV teams

Golf attire
- Polo shirts and black shorts or pants are the uniform
- Proper shoes are REQUIRED for practice
- Polos must be ordered for new players -
Team Shop

- Fundraising this year will be with Vertical Raise - Please collect at least 20 emails of adults that you can ask for a donation - Wednesday, March 20 at 3:45 PM
- You will need a picture of yourself for your website
- You do not have to sell anything