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Real Kids Care

Real Kids Care Mission Statement:

According to a recent Minnesota homeless study in 2018, youth aged 24 and younger make up 47% of the state's homeless population. Put together, there are as many homeless kids in Minnesota as the population of some small cities according to the Minnesota Reformer. 

In Real Kids Care, we understand how far a little piece of love and hope can take you. Informing others about such a significant number of kids still undergoing life-changing, frightful experiences in today's modern times, we, Real Kids Care, want to give back in ways that people in our generation would understand and appreciate.

To remind kids who are undergoing their own hardships of how much they are loved and cared for, we as Real Kids who Care about other kids, try to spread our hope and compassion in the comfort of a welcome bag to youth homeless shelters and group homes. 

Real Kids Care's goals each year should focus on networking with school contacts and outside agencies to continually grow student interest and involvement while maintaining a 'current base' with participating agencies from prior participatory academic years. Growing this base laterally and consistently will enable Real Kids Care participants and partners to continue targeting wider audiences to:

  • Receive donations 

  • Encourage student interest and participation

  • Generate more teacher/school involvement

  • Strengthen support for donation recipients

  • Promote empathy, compassion, and awareness on a multi-tiered platform

You can contact Annika Lechowich (, Alex Frid (, or Joanna Imm ( for more info. 


WHEN: Tuesdays after school, 3:15-4:15 PM
WHERE: Mrs. Imm's room (A124)

Joanna Imm

Language Arts Teacher/Real Kids Club Advisor

Phone: 651-403-3133